This is a hypothetical party that has a set of policies that are considered to be the ideal policies for Australia. When these policies are finalised, the The Great Australian Dream will be registered as a political party.


The Great Australian Dream recognises that whilst the nation and individuals allow Private Banking Corporations to create the loans of the nation, both the nation and the people will become indebted to Private Banking Corporations. The debts magnify by interest creating a situation where there is more debt than money. These debts are thus unpayable.The private banking corporations have thus become the de facto money creators of the nation. Money is created for new loans without any activity at the reserve bank. Thus we finish up with only five percent of the nation's money being created by the Reserve Bank. The Great Australian Dream will suffer as it demonstrates that Australian prosperity can only occur when only the government has the power to create money. When private corporations create money, indebtedness and political influence occurs.


  • The government shall be accountable to the people, not to it's biggest spending lobby groups and never to foreign influenced lobby groups or corporations.
  • Only the government shall have the authority to create the money of the nation. This includes cash folding notes and the virtual digital money. About 5% of Australia's money the cash folding notes created by the Reserve Bank of Australia and used mainly in the retail area. About 95% of Australia's money is virtual digital money that exists as numbers in bank accounts. The money of the nation will be spent into society as it was in the original 1911 “Commonwealth Bank of Australia”. This was affectionately known as the “Peoples Bank” because of the way it transformed Australia into a prosperous nation. It is similar formula to “The China Development Bank” that has been used in China to bring it from a poor nation to a global force in one lifetime.
  • The income tax system fails to adequately tax the very rich.
  • Income Tax will be dramatically reduced or replaced by a financial transactions tax commonly known as a Robin Hood Tax. Income Tax is too easily circumvented by the affluent.
  • State Public Banks will bring home ownership levels to the old levels of the 'Great Australian Dream'. Private banking corporations tend to lend to those that already have money and to those that already own one, two, three or four houses thus pricing houses out of the reach of ordinary working Australians.
  • State Public Banks will dramatically reduce state public debt.State Public Banks remove the need for state governments to borrow from private banking corporations. Sensibly managed, State Public Banks eliminate state debt and provide a better standard of living for state residents.
  • State Public Banks will will reduce the stress and heartache on farmers under current banking practices.
  • 'Homeowners Protection' will protect against current foreclosure practices where the homeowner can be in financial strife even after loosing the house. The mortgagee can only collect on the value of the house.
  • State Public Banks will support small, medium and family business.
  • Healthy individuals within healthy families are the core of a healthy Australian society. It is important that individuals are raised in a loving, functional and secure family.
  • A National Development Bank along the lines of the original 1911 “Commonwealth Bank of Australia” will remove the need for ”National Debt”. National Debt arrived when private banking corporations took over the financing of nations around 300 years ago. A National Development Bank will fund all major infrastructure projects as was done when building the Trans-Australian Railway and other great projects of years ago. This is the formula currently being used in China.
  • We need a smart efficient internal economy that relies on non-polluting systems and energy sources.
  • The 'War on Drugs' is a failure. Laws on drugs are doing more harm than good. Drug issues are a health and social issue, not a crime.
  • Before entering into any invasions or wars there will be a people's referendum. On principle we will not violate a nation's sovereignty.
  • Referendums will be online and frequent. If we can bank online, we can vote online in referendums.
  • Only the best quality foods should be available to Australians and shall be free from the taint of chemicals, pesticides and modification.
  • Organic farming should be encouraged not strangled with red tape.
  • End the failed practice of subsidising and giving concessions to corporations. End the practice of corporate bail-outs for big business.
  • If the banks falter, nationalise them.
  • Copyright laws do not match the digital world of today and restrict progress. Reforms are needed to legalise common practices where copyright owners interests are not harmed and where people innocently infringe copyright law.
  • To restore trust in our democracy a system of Direct Democracy needs to be added where the people of a country play a direct part in decision making.
  • The Great Australian Dream believes that full support is required for family businesses,small and medium business and the general concept of individual enterprise.
  • Measures need to be taken to protect Australia's bees.
  • The upper house needs to be independent of political influence.